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Toggle floats on any element, across any breakpoint, using our responsive float utilities.


These utility classes float an element to the left or right, or disable floating, based on the current viewport size using the CSS float property. !important is included to avoid specificity issues. These use the same viewport breakpoints as our grid system.

To change floating add one of classes: .float-left, .float-right, .float-none, and synonyms: .place-left, .place-right, .place-none.

Float left on all viewport sizes

Float right on all viewport sizes

Don't float on all viewport sizes

                    <div class="float-left">Float left on all viewport sizes</div>
                    <div class="float-right">Float right on all viewport sizes</div>
                    <div class="float-none">Don't float on all viewport sizes</div>


All float utilities classes has media variants with breakpoints suffixes: -sm, -md, -lg, -xl, -xxl.

Floating box

                    <div class="float-left-lg float-right-md">...</div>