Use meta options to configuring Metro 4.


You can set up the global options of Metro 4 with meta tags.

                    <meta name="metro4:init" content="true">
                    <meta name="metro4:locale" content="de-DE">
                    <meta name="metro4:week_start" content="1">

Meta options

Meta Value Desc
metro4:init true | false Determines whether Metro 4 is automatically initialized
metro4:locale string Determines default locale
metro4:week_start 0 | 1 Determines week start 0 - sunday, 1 - monday
metro4:animation_duration integer Value in milliseconds for animation duration
metro4:callback_timeout integer Reserved for feature
metro4:timeout integer Value in milliseconds, used for notify and toasts

Metro 4 initialization

By default Metro 4 init immediately after loading, without waiting for all DOM content is load. If you need wait for all DOM content is load, you must:

  1. Set <meta name="metro4:init" content="false">
  2. Manually init Metro 4 with method: Metro.init()